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With rapid development of online marketing technologies, website translation and localization have become an integral part of a company business strategy. Your website is not only your "face" in the Internet, but also a powerful marketing tool. According to recent estimates, less than 20 % of potential customers are willing to buy a product on a website if it is in a language other than their mother tongue. Thus, if you do not want to lose 80% of the rapidly developing Russian market, it is essential for you to have a fully functional localized website in Russian.

What is localization and how does it differ from translation?

Not only must terminology be proper, but it also must be consistent within a project

Localization is the process of adapting site content for a target audience living in another country and speaking another language. Besides translation, it involves cultural adaptation of texts and images, taking into account graphical layout of web-pages. It is obvious that only native speakers living in the target country can cope with these tasks best of all, because they know the country-specific realities firsthand. In general, localization is the result of joint efforts of translators, copywriters, programmers, web-designers and SEO-specialists.

How do we localize websites?

First, we analyze content and separate text from meta-information and tags which have to be preserved to maintain site integrity but are not subject to translation. At this stage, we define what parts of information will be localized and create a project glossary.

Second, we perform translation, editing, proofreading and QA. Images containing text information are also edited and redesigned. At that, font types, colors and sizes are kept unchanged.

Finally, we insert translated text back into the site structure. As Russian texts are, on average, 20% longer than English, we make necessary changes in the code to correct the layout.

As an option, we offer a complex functional testing and a keyword optimization of a localized website to ensure its proper work and good visibility for search engines.

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