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  • 1. The amount of pre-production work

    Modern translator's software allows for processing virtually all file formats with little effort and at high speed. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform some operations on a source text to make it machine-readable. For example, if you send us a scanned copy of a large document, we will have to perform text recognition. In some cases, this pre-production stage requires a lot of extra work, which inevitably adds to the ultimate cost of the whole project. The surcharge may vary and is always discussed individually.

  • 2. Time constraints

    This factor is closely related to project volume. It is assumed that a normal output for a professional translator is about 2000 words per day. Everything above the limit, as well as working on Saturdays and Sundays, can be considered overtime. Overtime rate is usually 30 per cent higher than standard.

  • 3. Translation memories provided by clients

    Existing corporate TMs can save a lot of time, so if you provide us with them, we will give you a discount according to the "30/60/90 rule". What does it mean? In the project log file, you'll find a list of sentence matches. The higher is match percentage, the less work a translator has to do. Below is a table that shows the cost depending on matches found:

    Matches Rates
    84% fuzzy matches — no matches 100% of rate
    85% — 99% fuzzy matches 60% of rate
    100% matches 30% of rate
  • 4. Long-term collaboration

    If you become our regular client — that is, if your overall project volumes exceed 250,000 words in total — we will give you a lifelong 15% discount for our translation services.

For this purpose, we use special software and MS Word statistics. Please, note that we count the words of a source text, i.e. a text in English that is to be translated.
Before we start working, the report on the number of words will be sent to you for approval as a .xls or .doc(x) document.

We prefer to receive payments via bank transfer. However, it is also possible to use Skrill and PayPal. Please, note that the customer bears all charges for money transfer.

Yes, if you wish to evaluate our skills, you can send us a 200-250 word abstract. Please note that our test translations are not free: their cost is calculated in accordance with our rates and they must be paid for in advance.