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Certification of goods and products is a key stage for every company going to set up operations in Russia or CIS countries. We understand that the period of setting up a business is one of the most difficult periods in a company history, when every cent counts. So we have a special offer for the companies first entering Russian market or introducing new products to it. We have cut down our rates for the transation of documents needed for certifications to

0.07 euro
0.05 euro
per source word!

Don't miss out on an opportunity to save on your certificates!

What is a GOST R certificate of conformity needed for?

According to the Russian Law on the Obligatory Certification of Goods and Services, most of goods and products imported into the Russian Federation must undergo an obligatory certification. If you are going to arrange export to Russia, you will most probably need a GOST R certificate. This document confirms quality and safety of your goods and their compliance with applicable standards (GOST, GOST R, IEC, GOST R ISO and others). Certification is carried out by Russian authorized certification bodies and may involve laboratory testing.

You will have to provide this certificate to customs service at the border and at wholesale stores through which you will distribute your products. Russian tax police and other authorities can check if the document is available, so you are required to have it.

Some goods and services are not subject to obligatory certification. In this case, to go through the customs control you will have to obtain an Exemption Letter from a certification body. You can also apply for a voluntary certification to boost competitiveness of your products in the Russian market.

What documents do you have to translate into Russian to get a GOST R certificate?

For successful certification you will have to submit the following documents translated into Russian:

For serially manufactured imported products

  • Brief product description (purpose and applications, design and appearance description)
  • Product passport/datasheet with technical characteristics
  • A quality certifying document
  • Application

For products imported to Russia under a contract

  • The Contract (or a Power of Attorney issued by the manufacturer)
  • Articles of Incorporation (first three pages)
  • Description (technical characteristics)
  • Operation manual, installation and maintenance guide
  • Application

Please, note that in some cases additional documents may be required.

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