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TranslatoRus is a group of professional translators with its headquarters located in Voronezh, Russia. It unites specialists in technical translation from all over the territory of Russia.

For years each of us has been providing professional linguistic services to clients who target Russian market and whose business activities lie within major technical fields.

Today we work in a close-knit team, complementing each other's skills and transforming our passion for translation into real benefits for our clients.

Our mission

Is your company widening its sales geography to Russia? Then we know the first obstacle that has already got in your way: the language barrier! And we are here to break it for you.

While most translation providers offer services in all language pairs and all subject areas, we have chosen to sacrifice quantity for quality. TranslatoRus team specializes in technical translation only. Our specialization is narrow enough to make a difference between a bolt and a screw, and yet it is wide enough to provide high quality technical translation from English to Russian for almost all majour industries.

Manufacturers, retailers, specialists, inventors, investors, end users - the list of our clients is ever growing. We help customers from the US, Europe, China, Japan and other countries by providing linguistic assistance and a whole range of related services to them.